Ride - J.C. Emery

This book was really not for me, I have limited patience with assholes and this book is littered with them, especially the so-called hero. The heroine has no spine, continually lets the men in her life tell her what to do and how to do it, spends 3/4 of the book crying and the other 1/4 just being stupid. There was no real connection between her and the misogynistic idiot she hooks up with - there is no way I'm calling this a romance - dude uses her, treats her like crap, and all she can do is lap it up? Ugh. I don't think MC "romances" are for me. In the real world we call that behavior abuse. I just can't find anything sexy about it. I know other people enjoy the shit out of these kinds of books, but they are absolutely not for me. The only reason I gave it any stars at all was because the premise had promise and the plot was all right.