The Kindness of a Rogue - Nancy Butler I enjoyed that the hero and heroine were different in this book than the typical Regency hero/heroine. The hero isn't titled or wealthy and the heroine isn't an heiress, spoiled, or quirky. They are two ordinary people thrown into extraordinary circumstances. The plot itself focuses on the trafficking of young women to brothels in London, and the ending seemed a little bit too drawn out and far-fetched, although it didn't detract from the overall enjoyment of the book. The epilogue, however, I could have done without entirely. I understand that the author wanted to tie it all up neatly and give the villain a just dessert, but it took away from the HEA a bit in my opinion. Still, overall I liked it and thought it was a satisfying book. Good if you like historicals but would like a change of pace from all the aristocrats that populate so many of them.