To Seduce a Sinner - Elizabeth Hoyt This is the second in the series about a group of soldiers who survived a massacre and torture in the Colonies during the French and Indian War. The hero, Lord Vale, is determined to find out who betrayed him and the others, near to the point of obsession. Although, as the books progress you can see why these survivors have such single minded determination. On the day he's about to be married, his fiancee leaves him at the alter and Melisande steps up and asks to marry him instead. Vale is floored but agrees.

I found both characters rather sympathetic and enjoyed the way they grew to know one another. The ending seemed somewhat abrupt, but still was satisfying enough. The continued plot about the search for the traitor still keeps my interest and I'm very curious about who it will be in the end. The romance itself is less dramatic, a sort of cat and mouse game between the two characters, which I thought served as a nice counterpoint to the revenge/mystery plot running through the series. A lovely story.