Naked - Megan Hart

Frustrating. I never really felt like I knew Alex or his motivations, he felt paper thin and I didn't feel like we knew much more about him at the end than we did in the beginning. Maybe because I didn't read the first book, but I always felt that I couldn't get a good grasp on who he was. Also, early on he talks about not lying to Olivia and yet he does, by omission. I felt like they never resolved it with him doing so being at the end of the story and all. Nor did I feel like the story with Patrick really got resolved. So many loose threads and really a waste of what otherwise was a wonderful story. I'm not sure this should have been a romance novel. I do think this may have been better as two books, exploring their relationship deeper and resolving some of the dangling story lines. I don't buy the ending that was slapped on and I felt like both Olivia and Alex needed to work harder toward their HEA before I could really believe in it for them. And I really would have liked to believed in their HEA.