The Best Man - Kristan Higgins

This was good but could have been so much better. Somehow I never really felt like some of the big issues between the couple got resolved in any meaningful way. Certainly I'm not convinced that their communication issues were resolved by the HEA. I felt the bickering grandparents were sad and desperate and desperately unhappy but that no one would take their issues seriously. I didn't think it was cute or funny or whatever timbre the author was going for with them. The story was engaging and I liked both the main characters well enough but this felt like a book trying to strike a balance between cute and funny and serious and emotional and I pretty much felt like it failed in that regard. I felt like it never mined the serious issues deep enough (and there were plenty in this book) and never struck the right tone with the humor either. In this case a three star rating means that the book was readable and enjoyable but that instead of inspiring a deep sense of satisfaction once the book is over it left me with some unresolved questions and a nagging sense of "will they really make it?" that I don't really want at the end of a romance.