Blade Song - J.C. Daniels

Was it awful? Nah. Mediocre. Sure. I kinda see the comparisons to Kate Daniels if I squint real hard, but pretty much any book is going to come out on the losing side of that equation. But despite some fairly unpolished writing I did find myself drawn into the main mystery. There is something to say for a book that draws you in even as it repels you in other ways. The protagonist, Kit, was annoying at times, yes. I thought she was still better than like 65% of some urban fantasy protags. I didn't want to rip her face off and she wasn't completely stupid, even if some of the choices she made weren't the smartest. At least I could understand what drove her. The "romance" was pretty meh. I can't say that I swoon over asshole heroes who assault the heroines hours after meeting them. Or that I bought his apology or reasoning. But for most of the book neither does Kit. Until about 3/4 when all of a sudden it's true lurve. Barf. Still, I was mainly pulled in by the central story and I think the series has some potential. Enough that I'm willing to give it a middle of the road 3 stars. The romance gets 0 stars.